Monday, January 29, 2007

Today I hit the ground running. Well, sort of... first I need to spend some time blogging while I enjoy a fresh baked biscuit and cup of coffee and avoid going out the door into the cold, cold world. Seriously, I have loads to do this week. Today I must filter the Quattro so I can have it ready to bottle a week from now. I'm still working to soften the finish and filtering may help. I also must clean off the crush pad today. We bottle out on the pad, but any day this week I will receive ten pallets of bottles. I'll need all the room on the pad just to unload the bottle with the fork lift. I'll need to put them inside, and I'm not sure how that will happen. Fortunately last Friday we had a winery clean-up day. Almost everyone who works here showed up to straighten up the winery, like an early spring cleaning. I took it as a passive/aggressive scream to keep my space clean, but I also really appreciate the help. Thank you, all! The place looks great. I should be able to find space for the in-coming bottles.

I forgot to mention last blog some new features at the winery. The wine bar in the tasting room has been extended and resurfaced. We can handle many more people now, especially those weekend rushes. You can check it out pictures in the February issue of Nelson County Life, but, as a teaser, it's not done yet. Also, outdoors, I built a walking bridge across the little creek next to the stage. I hope to make some trails through our woods for casual hikes. At the very least, the bridge should help keep the kids dry during our concerts... maybe.


At 12:19 AM, Blogger Dezel said...

Nice seeing you back Tim, hope the CP fmily and that handsome german shepherd are all doing well.

Look forward to visiting again *early* and seeing the updates.



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